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Beabi Launches Lightweight Bag Organizer

January 29, 2011 - Beabi's bag organizers have become a staple of the organized woman's everyday arsenal. These handy organizers make messy handbags a thing of the past by making sure that everything is in its proper place by way of pockets and compartments.

Unfortunately, some bag organizers add weight to the bag. This is because they are made with sturdy material that's able to keep the organizer standing, helping the bag hold its shape. This isn't a consideration for most people, but for some women, the weight of their bag is a big factor, especially if she has to carry a lot of items with her to begin with.

Beabi takes its popular bag organizer a step further with the introduction of its new lightweight bag organizer. Made from soft, lightweight, water resistant material, this bag organizer is 50% lighter than other Beabi organizers, but is just as firm, making it a great way to add structure to slouchy bags.

It contains five inner pockets that can hold your cellphone, point-and-shoot camera, iPod, coin purse, keys or makeup. Its main compartment is open, giving you the freedom to stash whatever you want in it - your wallet, a paperback, a notebook and pen or if you are so inclined, more makeup.

On the outside, a zippered compartment keeps envelopes and documents safe, while two open side and end pockets keep more things in place. The Beabi lightweight bag organizer comes in 10 colors, the better to suit your personality – or bag.
A bag organizer is not only a handy way to keep things in place inside your bag, it also makes it easy to switch from one bag to another! And with Beabi's new lightweight bag organizer, your bag stays organized, without extra weight.
Top 5 reasons to use a bag organizer:

1. It keeps things in place A bag organizer makes sure that your belongings aren't jostled around by everyday movement. Your phone stays where you put it, and so does your camera. Finding items, even in a big bag, is easy. Side pockets keep small items such as keys and lipstick in place and within easy reach. No more having to fish around for a frantically ringing phone or wasting minutes looking for your wallet while people wait impatiently in line behind you!

2. It gives shape to soft bags Bag organizers make soft bags easier to use. The organizer helps the material hold its shape. Not only is it nicer to look at, it also ensures that the stuff inside don't move around needlessly.
3. Switching from one bag to another has never been easier

It's a fact: ladies love their bags. Unfortunately, it's a pain moving items from one bag to another, and the chance of forgetting something in one bag is very high. A bag organizer makes this easier, as all you have to do is transfer the whole thing, with all your stuff already in it!

4. It gives your bag room for more stuff

Yes, it does! Because the bag organizer keeps everything in place, your bag has more room for a little extra stuff outside the organizer. Now you can stash items like your travel mug, or perhaps a scarf on one side -- an area of space that would not have been available had most of your stuff not been contained by the bag organizer.

5. It is virtually weightless, and may make your bag lighter!

Beabi's new lightweight bag organizer is 50% lighter than its predecessors. This means that you get an organized bag without the added weight. Speaking of weight, if arranged the proper way, a bag organizer will help balance the weight of your stuff, making for a lighter bag.